AnyTimer Pill Reminder

(Successor of Anytimer for Pills)

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AnyTimer for Pills is simple timer for recurrent events.  It's easy to learn and use.
It can be used as an advanced pills reminder. Now aviailable in version 2.0.

There are two timer types available:

Interval timer
 - based on starting time and repeating interval in hours and minutes. For example starting at 3.00 PM and repeating every 8 hours.

Times-of-Day timer
 - based on starting day and defined everyday acting times. For example timer starting today and acting everyday at 9.00 AM, 1.00 PM and 3 PM. It is convenient shortcut for three interval timers with interval of 24 hours.

What is new in version 2.9.9
1.Portuguese localization

What is new in version 2.9
1. Interval setting contains 'days' roller, so it is possible to set interval up to 99 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes

2. Backported number, date and time pickers, thanks to Simon Vig Therkildsen (

What is new in version 2.5
1. Checkbox for showing notification type in list added to settings.

2. Timer name in list bolded.

3. Minor bug fixes.

What is new in version 2.4
1. Freezing bug fixed

What is new in version 2.3
1. AchieveMint access added to AnyTimer. Now you can earn money by using timers.

2. Days of week added to Times-of-day timer. Now you can choose which days your timer is running at.

3. BACK key disabled in alarm widow. A lot of users complained about accidentally pressing BACK button and caused unpredictable behavior.

What's new in version 2.2
All AnyTimer localization files (including removed Dutch, Spanish and Portugal) were moved to so you can help with translation & localization by translating, correcting and even creating new localization file for your not yet supported language. If you'll need help, please mail us. We'll be happy to help you.

Many users are asking why the READ_PHONE_STATE permission is needed. Simple answer is - for ads. We are using - as many oher developers - Millenial Media and JumpTap ads which integration requires this permission.

Enhancements coming with version 2.2:
  • French localization

  • Minor bug fixes

Enhancements coming with version 2.1:
  • Added snooze

  • Minor bug fixes

Enhancements coming with version 2.0:
  • Default action sound can be set in settings page (Annotation/Alarm) but you can also customize sound for every timer and you can use ringtones / songs / annotations even your own recordings.
  • Default way of notification can be set in settings (Window/Annotation) and also can be customized for every timer.
  • Introduced new more modern look with action bar saving space and improving usability.
  • three visual themes can be used. (Light, SemiLight, Dark)


Creating interval timer with name, note, 
starting time and repeating interval.
Optional number of runs before stop
can be set.
Customized can be way of annotation
and also sound for action.

Creating times-of-day timer with starting day and any number of acting times for every next day.
Optional number of runs before stop 
can be set.
Custom way of notification and custom sound added.

Customizing timer way of notification.
You can select explicitly "by window" or "by annotation" or keep with default settings.
If you change defaults in settings page, they are changed in every timer set to default setting.


Customizing action sound.
You can select default(Annotation/Alarm) or explicitly select sounds from your device like ringtones, alarm sounds, annotation sounds, songs or your own recordings.


Editing times of day.

Adding new time of day.


Main activity screen. List of timers with
checkboxes for activation and action bar icons
for preferences, sorting and creating new timers in top of screen.
(Theme SemiLight)


Options of sorting dialog.
Selected sorting is expressed
as icon of action bar


Dialog for timer activation/deactivation.


Deactivated timer is shaded.

Settings screen part 1.

Settings screen part 2.


Notify by window.
It can deal with screen lock.

Notify by annotation.

Current version: 2.9.9